Bye Bye iPower - IAmThatStrange but better than you.

I am leaving iPower host. I would strongly STRONGLY suggest that no one use them. I had some general, fixable, problems last week. I was then really surpised to find that I could no longer email them. I could only chat..... BUT I was unable to chat, as chatting did not work using IE, Chrome or Firefox.

So then I tried to call the support phone number 888-511-4678 .......... the phone number did not at all work - my provider said the number does not exist!. Wow they no longer allow us to email them AND allow no one to be able to contact them any other way.

So then I waited two days and tried to chat again. This time it indicated that it was loading and loading and ...... 22 minutes later I gave up.
I finally decided to leave iPower behind. AND when I decided to downgrade the account renewal (i.e. don't renew), they had a popup with a phone number - 1-855-644-5365 - to call to make sure you don't break your site or hurt your domain(s)! When I called it....... to complain about trying to get help, I learned it did not exist!

I waited no longer and have moved to GreenGeeks who have great reviews (compared to iPower which seems to average #2 stars) who chatted immediately with me and answered my phone call immediately.

It may take me a bit to get the new site up but I will and my URL will be =